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Suzuki Swift, a small resourceful

The Suzuki Swift is not a model like any other. It allowed the Japanese specialist of small formats to emerge from the shadows and to change dimensions. Since 2005, nearly 5.4 million units have been distributed worldwide, including nearly 120,000 in France. Thanks to this model which enjoys a strong capital sympathy, the brand has doubled its commercial performance. In other words, the passage of witness to the new generation had to be done smoothly. The Japanese manufacturer has thus chosen the path of wisdom, endeavoring to erase the main defects of the preceding model.
The urbanist puts the forms
Neither quite the same, nor quite another, the new generation Swift remains easily identifiable. As the lines lose tension, the shoulders muscle, the grille widens giving the impression of a better car sitting on the road, the rear door handles now hidden in the uprights and the floating roof dropping like the d A coupĂ© contribute to the dynamism of the silhouette. Suzuki has preserved th…